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Meet the Team Defending the Integrity of Sports Gaming


At Global Gaming Integrity Audit, we pride ourselves on our team, their expertise, and their dedication to sports gaming integrity. Led by our CEO, Kenny White, and COO, Greg Sidoris, our team is composed of industry veterans with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sports gaming. Their collective insights into the industry’s inner workings are the foundation of our services and the driving force behind our mission.

Our commitment to protecting the integrity of sports gaming is grounded in our passion for the industry and our recognition of the value it brings to millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide. We believe that by preserving the fairness, security, and transparency of sports gaming, we can contribute to the sustainability and growth of this industry.

Our history is deeply rooted in sports gaming, a history marked by constant innovation and resilience in the face of changing regulations, technologies, and market conditions. Today, as we navigate the future of sports gaming, our mission remains the same: to protect and enhance its integrity.

Kenny White


Designer of Proprietary Red Flag Program

Kenny is a seasoned oddsmaker with a sterling record of providing opening betting lines for the most prominent bookmakers worldwide. His unique method of translating player power ratings into team ratings to create a betting line has consistently proven its merit. His skills are so valued that Benny Binion, a renowned figure in the world of gambling, stated he couldn’t put a price on Kenny’s information. But after some negotiations, we’re delighted to make his invaluable insights available to you.

Greg Sidoris